Last week my husband and I went to see our marriage therapist , and we’ve been seeing her 15 out of our 16 year marriage.  On average, we see her 2 to 3 times a year.  There have been some years that we had to see her 6 months straight because we were going through some things.  I believe she is one of the reasons that our marriage continues to strengthen.  It is not that she is so incredibly talented, it is because when there is a snag in our relationship we don’t hesitate to seek assistance.  It has proven to be a safe place to yell, curse, cry, console and work on our marriage.  There’s no shame involved and I am happy to tell anyone I meet.

Why Wait?

I see so many couples that wait too long before they seek the assistance of a therapist.  Counseling should not be the last effort that you make on your relationship.  It should be the first!  Remember

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, therapists are not magical and are most effective when both parties are still emotionally connected to each other and the relationship.

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