Love Him Anyway

I wasn’t really digging my husband this weekend.  We just weren’t getting along, everything he did was just getting on my nerves (I’m sure he felt the same way).  Because I was feeling that way I wasn’t feeling my normal lovey dovey self.  So, not as many touches, kisses, honeys, or I love yous!  I didn’t feel very good about that but that is how I was feeling.

Every morning that we are not together, which is typically 4 out of 7 mornings a week.  My husband will send a good morning text, he’ll send it first since he gets up earlier, I will read and respond a couple of hours later.  Of course, some mornings are better than others.  This morning he sent me an average text, and my first instinct was to send a lackadaisical response without putting much thought into it, but instead I paused for a second and thought about what I really wanted to say. So, I took the time to say something loving and love my man back, even though I wasn’t feeling loving.

Lesson 1:       Love Him Anyway

Love is a Verb… an action word!  Be loving and you will feel love!  The more I held back, the worst I was going to feel about him and over time those feelings fester and create bad relationships.

Lesson 2:      Don’t Let Unloving Feelings Take Over Your Relationship

You are in control over those feelings.

Lesson 3:      Talk About It

Tonight I plan on sitting down with him and just tell him what is bugging me.  I just realized that there is something bugging me that I haven’t been talking about.  It is unfair to just hold on to resentment without giving your partner the opportunity to work through it with you.

Lesson 4:     Instead of Complaining, Make A Request

We all deserve great relationships!

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